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Mission News:

The furniture drive was an outstanding success. On October 5th a large van filled to the brim with donated furniture left Jefferson City headed toward St. Clare Catholic Church in Waveland , Misissippi. Over the weekend furniture was dispersed to many needy families living in the Waveland, and Bay St Louis areas. The gratitude expressed by the families helped by your generous donations of money, and furniture made this trip worthwhile. The people affected by Katrina continue to be amazed at the kindness, and concern our church and community show toward them.

We extend a thank you to Aaron Dunn and Kevin Krumm for accepting the task of driving and delivering the furniture. A special thank you Msgr. Lammers, and Mary Winter for their continued support. We also wish to thank many area business men, and women whose generous donations aid our efforts. We also wish to thank our parish family that continues to support the efforts of the mission team.

The scheduled date for the June 2008 mission trip
will be June 7-15.

It will be the third trip to Mississippi. The area of concentration will again be Waveland and Bay St. Louis. Skilled workers are needed, but anyone interested is encouraged to join the team.
Young adults under 18 will be considered on an individual basis due to the dangers of the mission field.

Interested ?
Contact : Laura & Dan Luebbert @ 896-5189, Susan Bethards @ 498-3362, or Aaron Dunn @ 680-3779.

St. Clare Parish Church

From a Church to a Quanset Hut

Several parishioners from our parish and other area parishes met with
Bishop Thomas Rodi from the Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi
when he was here to address the Missouri Catholic Conference in September 2007.

St. Clare Parish in Waveland is in his diocese.
He expressed his appreciation and gratitude
for our efforts in supporting St. Clare Parish.

Bishop Rodi said that Mississippi went from
being the Jetson's to the Flintstones
in six hours during Hurricane Katrina.
He estimated that it would take 20 years
before reconstruction would be complete.
He emphasized the importance of
our continued support.

In the summer of ’06, our High School Youth Group traveled to Waveland, Mississippi for a week of service. There were a alot of great things accomplished in that effort and they intend to return to Waveland for another week in the spring of 2006. Below you can read the blog posts from the summer trip. If you are interested in going with us in the spring, please contact Shannon at 636-7002 or scerneka@stpeterjc.org

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Pictures of Katrina as the eye passed over taken by a man in Magee, MS.

They are dramatic!