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1819 First house in what is now Jefferson City

1821 Founding of Jefferson City

1826 Thirty-one houses in Jefferson City

1831 Cole County population 1028

First Mass by Rev. Felix L. Verreydt, S.J. of Indian Mission of Portage des Sioux,
St. Louis County, MO., in house of Bernard Upschulte.

1836 Priest visited Catholics again

1838 Fr. Ferdinand Marie Helias, S.J. came to Westphalia and area missions,
Visited as many as 25 missions monthly.
On May 26, Edmund Dougherty was baptized. There were 9 families.

1842 Father Helias moved to Taos.

1845 First church built, by G.H. Rolfes, for $300. It was 30 x 22 ft.
12 to 14 families made up the mission.
Names include: Wolters, Dulle, Maus, Wallendorf, Roer, Eveler, Pirner, Moyers,
Kolkmeyer, Gels, Kroeger, Heitker, Reisdorff, Replo, Rackers, Tellman, Buckley.

1846 Church completed. Rev. James S. Murphy named pastor.
59th parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

1854 First school built.

1856 Second church completed, of brick, $10,000.
Pastor is Rev. William Walsh.
40 families are in parish.

1857 School moves to first church building.

1859 First assistant pastor, Fr. Henry Van der Sanden
Priests cover missions from Hermann to Sedalia by train,
also cover missions in Columbia, Fulton and Miller County.

1868 School Sisters of Notre Dame come

1876 Rev. Otto Hoog becomes pastor

1881-1883 Third and present church is built. Architect is Adolph Druiding.
Fred H. Binder is builder, $17,766. G.H. Dulle donated 800,000 bricks.
Aggregate cost is $40,000. 173.5 ft. long, 60.5 ft. wide,
spire & cross 170 ft. high, center nave 56 ft. high, side naves 42 ft. high.

1885 Rectory is built. Builder is A. Opel and Co. $3,750.75.
107,500 bricks were used, donated by G. H. Dulle.

1886 Bells added, 8,000 pounds, $1354, from foundry of Henry Stuckstede &
Co. of St. Louis.
St. Peter 55” diameter, St. Joseph 46”, Sacred Heart 34”, BVM 28”.

Tower clock, $1250,
“to remind us of time’s deceptive flight, and life’s steady step toward eternity.”

1888 Fr. Joseph Selinger is assistant pastor.

1889-1890 Present school built. Architect was Frank Miller. Builder H.J. Wallau,

1895-1896 Addition to church 31.5 ft. length, $4575, builder is H. Wallau.
396 families.

1904-1934 Msgr. Joseph Selinger, D.D. is pastor.

1911 State Capitol burns. St. Peter School becomes “Ninth Capitol of Missouri”,
House of Rep. holds 46th General Assembly here.

1934-1969 Msgr. Joseph A Vogelweid is pastor

1937 Selinger Centre is built. Designer is John Schaper. Cost is 60,000.

1946 St. Peter High School begins. Christian Brothers come.

1956 New Diocese. St. Peter Church is Cathedral for 12 years.

1964 Vogelweid Learning Center is begun.

1976 St. Peter Church placed on National Register of Historic Places.

1983 Church renovated. Frank Grimaldi is architect. $510,000.
Centennial of St. Peter Church.

1987 Organ renovated by Quimby Pipe Organ Co. $80,000.

1995 Bell tower renovated with 2,000 bricks replaced by Harold Keating Construction,
$133,828. Clocks and Bell ringing system restored, $34,820

Pastor – Fr. Don Lammers – 1994 - Present
1995-1996 Advent to Christ the King is Sesquicentennial Year of parish.

2002 April to December 21 is renovation of church interior.

2005 On June 1st, an arsonist sets afire the altar clothe and, in hallway behind sanctuary,
about 20 Mass server albs. Everything is smoke covered. Damage to altar and to
hallway and some to work sacristy. Unprofessional estimate is perhaps $200,000
damage. Good insurance.

June 20th, 2005 - Outside the Dome (Radio Show) with Carolyn McDowell

Some things will not covered by insurance: 1) a portion of the damaged and destroyed contents, 2) utilities for cooling or heating and lighting the church for three months during cleanup, 3) other miscellaneous costs.

We welcome contributions from individuals or groups who have concern for our church. Make checks payable to St. Peter Church, for restoration or preservation. Send to 216 Broadway, Jefferson City, MO 65101.
Any donations not spent in this aftermath of the fire will be placed in a special account for the maintenance of our St. Peter Historic Church.

In the aftermath of the fire, 2026 households registered in parish and 5627 members counted.