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August 22, 2010
Synopsis of O. T. XXI (Aug 22) Sunday Homily on Luke 13: 22-30 (L) 10

 Introduction: As he continues his fateful journey to Jerusalem, Jesus answers the question as to how many will be saved by answering four presumed questions: Who will be saved? How? Why? When? 

Scripture lessons:  In the first reading, addressing the returning Babylonian exiles, the prophet Isaiah corrects them, telling them that salvation is not a Jewish monopoly, and that is why Yahweh also welcomed the pagans into Judaism. The prophet ends his great book as it began with a vision of all the peoples of the world streaming toward Jerusalem, acknowledging and praising the God of Israel.   In the second reading, exploring with his readers the consequences of Christian commitment, St. Paul explains “the narrow gate” of Jesus as pain and suffering resulting from God’s loving discipline of His children. The responsorial psalm, "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News,” reflects the mission of God’s chosen people to be instruments of salvation to the whole world. In today’s gospel, Jesus clearly explains that any one who follows him through the narrow gate of sacrificial serving and sharing love will be saved.   Jesus also admonishes his followers to concentrate on their own salvation rather than worry about other peoples' salvation.

 Life messages: 1) We need to make wise decisions and choose the narrow gate.  Always choosing God’s way asks of us a consistent denial of self and the steady relinquishing of sinful pleasures, pursuits, and interests.  The "narrow road" or "narrow gate" concerns our everyday living—our relationships with God and with each other. It involves our doing of good deeds for the right reasons. It involves our pursuing the kingdom and God’s justice instead of fame and fortune. It involves our repentance, obedience, humility, righteousness, truth and discipleship.  Hence we are to strive to enter through the “narrow gate” by prayer and supplication, diligently seeking deliverance from those things which would bar our passage, and acquiring those things which would facilitate our entry into Heaven.

2) We need to check our track on a daily basis.  The parable of the locked door warns us that the time is short.  Each day sees endings and opportunities missed. “Opportunity will not knock twice at your door.”  Let us ask the following questions every night:   "How conscious was I this day of God's numerous gifts?  How well did I respond to the opportunities to bear witness and serve in Jesus' name: to forgive, feed, clothe, and love those who entered my life?  How much did I strive today to enter through the narrow gate of sacrificial love in action?'"  We might conclude this self-examination with a short prayer:Grant me Jesus forgiveness for my sins.  Give me your Holy Spirit to direct me and to strengthen me.” 

Scriptural Homilies No. 349 by Fr. Tony (akadavil@mobis.com)


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