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3rd Sunday of Easter
April 10, 2005

Today we hear the beautiful story of the Road to Emmaus, when Jesus comes to be with his disciples. This encounter with the Risen Christ is a beautiful foreshadowing of the Eucharist that we participate in today.
The two disciples come together and begin their journey to Emmaus. This small gathering of only two reminds us of what Jesus said before his death, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst.” As they walk, they recall the wonders that Jesus had done, his passion, and probably discuss the strange news of the empty tomb that had come to them earlier that day. This is what we do each time that we gather at Mass. Either through the Sprinkling Rite, which we used through Lent and will use through Easter, or through the penitential rite, we recall the wonders that our Lord has done. By gathering in his name, and recalling his actions in our lives, Jesus comes and is in our midst. “The Lord be with you,” we are greeted from the first moment we have gathered.
They speak with Jesus, who then begins to open the scriptures to them as they walk along. Do our hearts burn within us as we hear the scriptures opened, as theirs did that first day? The scriptures are one of the pillars upon which are faith is built, along with the Oral Teachings passed on to us from the Apostles, and with the Teaching Authority found in the Apostles successors, the bishops. How open are we to hearing the good news proclaimed? Reading the scriptures before mass begins is a good way to prepare for this encounter with the Risen Christ.
After this Jesus joins them at table, blesses, breaks and shares with them the bread. “With that, their eyes were opened.” They recognized the Lord in this sacramental action. In order to affirm his real presence in this sacrament, Jesus disappeared from their sight at that moment. He no longer needed to be with them in his physical body, because he was with them in his sacramentally real presence. Each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we literally come into contact with the risen body and blood of our Lord in the sacramental signs of Communion.
They couldn’t wait to go out and spread the news that they had experienced Jesus. They “ran” back to Jerusalem, seven miles! When we are sent forth, we can carry that same excitement to the world. We can proclaim, “We have seen the Lord!”

How can we better prepare ourselves to encounter the risen Lord in the sacrament of the Eucharist?

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