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Contact List for Bulletin and Church Announcements
at St. Peter Parish


To request an opportunity to speak during a Mass or to set up a table for any purpose during a Mass:

Contact the parish receptionist, Denise Mueller, at the parish office or dmueller@stpeterjc.org as far in advance as possible (minimum of 7 days in advance). All such requests are subject to Pastor approval and the timing will depend on other events going on in the parish.

To place bulletin articles:

Send items to the bulletin editor, Denise Mueller, or e-mail bulletin@stpeterjc.org. Items are subject to editing for content and space. Deadline for submission is 5:00pm Friday, 8 days prior to the weekend you would like the item to appear. The bulletin deadline is subject to change based upon periodic early deadlines for bulletin submission.

To schedule an insert for the bulletin:

Contact the bulletin editor, Denise Mueller at the parish office or via bulletin@stpeterjc.org as far in advance as possible to schedule placement of an insert. Inserts will only be placed as space is available. A proof of the insert must be sent in its completed form no later than 5:00pm Friday, 15 days before the insert will appear in order for the bulletin editor to get Pastor approval. Once approval has been secured, organizations / individuals sponsoring the insert must make copies (700) and organize volunteers to place the insert into the bulletin during church office hours on Thursday or Friday before the weekend it is scheduled.

General guidelines

If a bulletin insert is scheduled, an article in the text of the bulletin will not generally run.