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What do you know about the Parish Prayer Line?

You probably know that the parish has a prayer line in which many parishioners volunteer their time to pray for the needs and petitions of others, or in thanksgiving for favors received, but how does it work? The Spiritual Life Commission thought it would be helpful for people to know more about the Prayer Line.

The Prayer Line has been in existence since 1986.
Since that time, there has always been around 30+ parishioners
who volunteer to pray for the needs and petitions of our parishioners.
Leona Holzer and Delores Caples are the Prayer Line Coordinators.
If you would like the Prayer Line to pray for your special intentions,
you can call Leona or Delores from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week.
When you call, you can give your name or remain anonymous.

At a designated time each day, the coordinators will talk and tell each other
the petitions that they have received. Then, each coordinator calls the first volunteer
on their list with the petitions. This volunteer then calls the second volunteer, and so on down the list. The last volunteer on each list calls the respective coordinator to let them know that all volunteers have been contacted and are praying for the requested needs and petitions.

Calls received Friday thru Sunday are not called to the Prayer Line volunteers until Monday, however, Leona and Delores pray for any petitions received during the weekend.

We hope that this explanation is helpful. Please call Leona or Delores when you have need of prayers. See the bulletin for further information.

The coordinators feel the Prayer Line has been a remarkable success and that God has granted many blessings.

If you would like to volunteer to pray for the needs of our parishioners, please contact Irene or Leona.