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Christ Renews His Parish Video
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The CRHP Weekend is a great way
to experience personal spiritual renewal
and Christian community
in a two day, one overnight, weekend
in our parish facilities.

It is a weekend retreat
designed to bring members
of a parish together in Christ.

The emphasis during the weekend
is on thinking about our faith
as adults.

Parishioners who have participated in
Christ Renews His Parish

Women's Fall CRHP, Oct. 2012 - Felicia Anunoby, Kristen Bexten, Bertha Bynum, Patty Gaffke, Cynthia Gallatin, Sally Heislen, Annette Henley, Virgina Henley, Marybeth Hunton, Joan Kramer, Morgan Nacy, Mry Helen Norfleet and Maxine Tate.

Women’s Fall CRHP, Nov. 2011: Carol Blecha, Dianne Brandes, Marla Buechter, Felicia Kliethermes, Jane Kliethermes, Janet Kremer, Bonnie Larkins, Molly Prenger, Lisa Rackers, Mary Stiefermann, Leslie Tanner, Dolores Thruston, Jill Verslues, and Ceil Whalen.

Men’s Fall CRHP, Oct. 2011: Adam Brown, Jack Dayton, Aaron Dunn, Aaron Grothoff, Clinton Heidbrink, Kevin Hunton, Brian Keller, Greg Rackers, and Kenny Wilson.

Women’s Spring CRHP, March 2011: Rhonda Allen, Cheryl Buechter, Mary Dayton, Pauline Forck, Kathy Green, Natalie Grothoff, Janice Hake, Elizabeth Huber, Shelley Kleene, Mary Esther Prenger, Keri Winegar, and Pam Wolken.
Women’s Fall CRHP, Sept. 2010: Joan Blood, Terri Whalen, Rose Granich, Laura Janes, Sue Kremer, Lacy Ralston, Pauline Seabaugh, Donna Stokes, and Susie Szumigala.

Men’s Fall CRHP, Oct. 2010: David Bange, Patrick Hopkins, Terry Kremer, Tom Lauer, Stephen Luebbert, Bob Phillips, Bob Riebold, Dan Roling, Mike Tuter, Leo Voss.

Men's Spring CRHP, March 2010:  Shawn Bailes, Jim Baumgartner, Peter Borman, Kevin Brown, Jerry Dunn, Fr. Dave Maher, Eric Meyer, Tom Pudlowski,  Bernie Rademan, Mark Shiner, Mark Struemph, Tim Taylor, Russ Trippensee, Larry Winegar, and Stan Woronick.

Women's Spring CRHP, March 2010:  Christine Brandel, LaVerne Brondel, Janet Brown, Tanya Dallmeyer, Laura Dampf, Carol Dutoi, Dana Graham, Norma Marquez, Kelly Martin, Sheila McAllister, Janice Phillips, Donna Prenger, Jane Rhea, Jeanne Shiner, Billie Stoehr, Cynthia Thomas, Mulima Walusiku, Myra Rosskopf Wolfe, Angela Woronick, and Theresa Woronick.
Men’s Fall CRHP, Oct. 2009: Dan Hillen, Darin Rinehart, Daniel Livers, Greg Mihalevich, Bob Phillips, Mike Prenger, Dan Worthen, Tom Deeken, David Worley, Dean Dutoi, Tony Nigro, Kevin Fick

Women’s Fall CRHP, Oct. 2009: Carolyn Weider, Mary Hegeman, Jackie Trippensee, Jan Rinehart, Becky Libbert, Clara Hillen, Ethel Bruning, Mary Telthorst, Kelly Harden, Mary Comer, JoAnn Horvath, Joyce Amick, Kathy Gerstner, Clara Wilde, Brenda Stieferman, Kathy Hillen, Theresa Phillips, Jane Stratman

Men’s Spring CRHP, March 2009: Deacon Fred Schmitz, Msgr. Don Lammers, Tim Forck, Jim Hickman, Thom Fischer, Dennis Oppenheim, Tim Wilding, Audie Cline, Karl Hirsch, Charles Phillips, Tim Rozier, Bob Keating, Pete Nacy, Gary Libbert, Bill Bergh, Ken Oidtman, Mark Rehagen

Women’s Spring CRHP, March 2009: Marge Baumgartner, Mary Ellen Budnik, Helen Cline, Linda Crider, Tina Fick, Amineh Hakim, Jeanne Hemmel, Virgeline Holtmeyer, Gloria Johnson, Nancy Keating, Michelle Keller, Margie Kroeger, Jeanne Livers, Janet Oppenheim, Suzie Schuenemeyer, JoAnn Smith, Kathryne Spangler, Teri Walker, Melissa Wilding, Cindy Wilkins, Denise Williams, Acacia Williams, Marla Wilson, Mary Wiseman

Men’s Fall CRHP, Nov. 2008: Ric Telthorst, Greg Loehr, Deacon Tom Whalen, Fr. Frank Bussman, Mitch Rohrbach, Roger Jungmeyer, Kevin Stegeman, Mike Wiseman, Bill Horvath, Nick Keating, Bud Dudenhoeffer

Women’s Fall CRHP, Nov. 2008: Mary Fischer, Theresa Sullivan, Betty Schrimpf, Linda Rohrbach, Karen Lewis, Angela Hirsch, Alice Kuehn, Yvonne Wittman, Dottie Kempker, Holly Blume, Judith Murphy, Viola Gibson, Nancy Smith, Christina Stokes, Linda Phillips, Pam Fick, Gail Strope